PIR Pre-insulated Duct

1. Description

PlR Foam Pre-insulated HVAC Duct is fabricated from PIR Foam Pre-insulated Duct Panels and Accessories by a set of special tools. The Panels consist of 20mm thickness PIR Foam insulation faced on both sides with 80micron thickness aluminum foil, or inside with 80micron thickness aluminum foil & outside with 200micron thickness aluminum sheet.

PIR Pre-insulated Duct

The aluminum foil can be made in black color, with smooth or embossed. The surface of the panel also can be aluminum sheet, GI or printed color steel, as below photos.

PIR Pre-insulated Duct Aluminum Foil

2. Technical Data

PIR Pre-insulated Duct Technical Data

3. Packing & Shipping

1. All for panels :

40′ HQ Container : Standard size : 3950/2950 x 1200 x 20mm,10 sheets packed in one carton, total 660 sheets (3950mm) / 880 sheets (2950mm).

20′ GP Container : Standard size : 2900 x 1200 x 20mm, 10 sheets packed in one carton, total 400 sheet.

2. Panels & Accessories :

According to the quantity of the purchase order. Usually loading is as below :

40′ HQ Container : 620 sheets (3950mm) + necessary accessories/ 820 sheets (2950mm) + necessary accessories.

20’GP Container : 340 sheets + necessary accessories.

PIR Pre-insulated Duct Panel Accessories

4. Fabrication

The construction  of duct is accomplished by following a standardised procedure. The process is the same regardless of the shape of the duct element: tracing, cutting, gluing, folding, taping, flangeing & reinforcement and sealing.

PIR Pre-insulated Duct Fabrication 

Related Accessories :

PIR Pre-insulated Duct Related Accessories

5. Application

PIR Pre-insulated Duct is widely used in the ventilation systems of central air conditioning units in hotel, supermarket, airport, stadium, workshop, food store, industry and so on.

6. Factory Show

Greenfoam factory locates in Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China. We have large-scale production lines, and experienced experts and engineers, and have grown as the best supplier and manufacturer of Pre-insulated Duct in China.

PIR Pre-insulated Duct Factory

7. Hot selling products

We also provide Polyurethane(PU) pre-insulated duct panel, Phenolic foam insulation material, Flexible duct and air grille ect.

PIR Pre-insulated Duct Hot Selling Products

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